Vacation Recap

Our summer has been amazing so far! We took our weeklong vacation to the beach house in Corolla, NC. The weather could not have been more perfect. No rain, only sunshine! This year was so easy for me. The three older kids (ages 5, 4, and 2) were pretty much able to run around the house, and I didn’t worry about them too much. There were enough older kids and adults,  that I knew no child would be able to get away with something for too long before getting caught! Max (1 year old) was so good! He took his two naps a day, and he really didn’t try to go near the stairs very much when he was exploring. The meals that my mom and sisters-in-law made were delicious! It was nice having one day in the kitchen, and then relaxing and enjoying everyone else’s food… We made time each day to watch Guardrails (a six-part video series by Andy Stanley), and it really encouraged me to think of guardrails in my own life and the importance of establishing these with my children too!

Our family at the beach in Corolla, NC

On the steps of our beach house...

 We stopped in Washington, DC for two nights on our way home. I had high hopes of taking the kids to see the Lincoln Memorial or even just the Washington Monument. We discussed the possibility of driving up to the zoo as well. Unfortunately, after a lazy week at the beach, no one was really up to a lot of sightseeing. We did ride the metro to a restaurant for lunch, but the kids were in meltdown mode by that time. We had to plan our ride home on the metro and take our hotel shuttle back from the metro stop. I felt a little discouraged that our visit did not include any sightseeing, but maybe when the kids are a bit older! We did have fun swimming in the hotel’s pool and hot tub! 

Now that our big vacation is over, it’s kind of depressing. But, I am looking forward to a family (and hopefully friends too) camping trip and a weekend anniversary trip in the fall. I love to travel, so planning the next vacation is almost as fun as actually going! Hope you’re enjoying the summer too! 



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