[insert sigh of relief]

Today was a good day. We finished Bible school last Friday with an entertaining closing program and mini-carnival. The kids had a blast, and we loved watching them sing on stage (or at least do some of the hand motions). It was an encouraging week, but also an exhausting week. Getting the kids and myself ready to go by 8:45 AM each morning got harder with each day that passed. Don’t judge me! None of my kids are in school yet, so I don’t normally get going that early 5 days in a row!

Anyway, what a wonderful day of relaxation today was! I got some laundry done. That, in and of itself, is an Accomplishment (with a capital “A”). I HATE laundry. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind washing it, or drying it. I just can’t stand putting it away! Why? I really don’t know. I just hate folding it and putting it away. It probably stems from my lack of organization and my desire FOR organization which never really completely happens. Sure, I could have the kids help me (Tommy usually puts his clothes away), but the girls are a mess! They will shove their clothes in wherever they can fit them, and then they will try on every possible clothing combination and discard the castoffs in a pile on the floor. So, I try to sneak their clothes into their drawers without drawing attention.

I love reading posts like this one  about laundry organization and the best way to tackle the whole process in a non-perfectionistic (is that a word?) sort of way. Maybe someday I’ll have my own system down pat, but until then, I’ll just have to devote a day here and there to the putting away of my clean laundry mountain!

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