{pretty happy funny real}

pretty Meg at the fourth of July picnic

happy kids on a ride in Uncle Stew's trailer

silly girl wouldn't smile for a picture

every child was REAL dirty!

We had an awesome fourth of July celebration! We had an all day picnic at a nearby park where the kids could run and play for hours on end. It is such a blessing to see them playing with their cousins and friends without getting bored even once! After coming home for a quick bath, we got out the strollers and headed down to the fireworks. On our way home, the double stroller back wheels fell off! I guess the three children riding in it were a little more than the wheels could handle. Fortunately, we met up with some friends who gave us a ride home in their van. It gave us something to laugh about on the way!


I’m linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter today for {pretty, happy, funny, real}.

round button chicken


4 thoughts on “{pretty happy funny real}

  1. Sounds like a lovely fourth! I have lost a stroller wheel before, and the walk home was interesting! I am glad you got a ride home, and that you could see the funny in the situation!

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