Because we’re cool like that…

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this?

Ah yes. This van is coolness defined...

Okay, it’s no Escalade. If money were no object, I might have opted for the Escalade instead. But, we are so thankful to have this huge van instead. And I am so thankful that it isn’t white (have you noticed the abundance of white full size Ford vans driving around?)! Growing up, my parents always had a full size van, and I particularly loved the one that was “mocha.” It just seemed so much classier than some of the other vans they had (which included navy blue and periwinkle). Now, our van is a little lighter than the mocha color I remember, but I love it equally as much! I also love the four cupholders that are at my disposal in the front of the van. Very nice! Now, we did have to make adjustments to life without a factory-installed DVD player and the dual sliding side doors, but we were willing to sacrifice a few things for the added space of this monster! It is amazing to be able to take roadtrips now and not worry about packing the van “just right” so that everything will fit. To me this van represents God giving me the desire of my heart. You see, I never told the sales guy we were working with at the Ford dealership that I really wanted a khaki colored van. I only said that I’d love it if it were something other than white. But God knew, and when we went in to see the van God selected for our family, we were delighted!

Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4


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