Media Mondays

I have been so convicted lately of the time I waste on the computer. It’s no secret to my husband that I have an obsessive personality, and I can definitely get sucked into a new blog or a string of Facebook statuses, and next thing you know I’ve blown hours of precious time. The crazy thing is that these things have the power somehow to change my entire mood (sometimes for the worse)! In addition, I let dishes and laundry pile up while I’m “taking a break.” Let’s not even talk about the condition of every closet in my house or the kids’ rooms upstairs!

Courtney’s post today affirmed some things that I had been mulling over in my own mind today.  I can be so distant at times with my kids. They deserve so much more! I am going to resolve to check my e-mail once when I get up in the morning and once after the kids are in bed at night. I’d also like to have a few minutes to read other people’s new blog entries. Facebook is another story. I’ve decided that I need to back off a little (or a lot). I do not need to know what is going on in others’ lives every moment of the day.

Breaking outside (literally – don’t you just love how Rob Lowe always says this on Parks and Rec? Just try to imagine him saying it!) of the media world briefly, we had a lovely day at the pool soaking up the sun and laughing with friends. It was just what this distracted mama needed! I had time to focus on my kids and their exuberance as they splashed and swam. According to my two-year-old Tessa, “This is the best ever!” The question is, how do you balance these outings with everyday life at home? I love to be out and about running errands and attending playdates, but I often spend too much money in doing so. Where is the balance? Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

I’m linking up with Women Living Well for Media Mondays.


8 thoughts on “Media Mondays

  1. I felt convicted about the same thing a few months ago. All summer I’ve tried hard to only get my laptop out for an hour when I first get up in the morning and then in the evening only after the kids have gone to bed. I haven’t had complete success in this, but it has definitely gotten better! Thanks for the reminder.
    LIT-trally 🙂

  2. I love Parks and Rec! Stew and I just started over with the pilot episode on Netflix last night. It is seriously my #1 favorite show.

    I need to do better with my internet usage as well. Maybe I’ll log the amount of time I spend on here and hopefully the amount will convict me and I’ll be driven to change.

    Maybe designate 1 or 2 days a week as “town days” where you go out and spend money (groceries, out to eat, pool, etc.). And then the other days you have to either stay home (and do laundry, clean, etc.) or do something free with the kids (play date at the free water park, go to someone’s house, picnic at a park, etc.)

    Off to read Courtney’s post…

    • Suzanne says:

      We’ve been catching up on Parks and Rec. It’s fun watching the reruns because there are many we haven’t seen yet! I know that I need to be more scheduled in my life, but I just hate the thought of it! With Tommy starting school in a few weeks, I hope that will be the push that I need to make it happen. I like your idea of only designating one or two days a week for town days… Thanks!

  3. Katie says:

    I just realized you have a blog! I’m glad you posted about this and I also loved the blog that Courtney wrote about this. Over and over God brings things to mind that I need to weed out…like computer time, or phone calls….. so I can be more present with the kids. A distracted, distant child of God, wife, or mother is never a good thing. I’m so thankful that God always gives us reminders through His Word and through my godly friends like you who take the time to spread encouragement! …. Now off to do some dishes!

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