Can I just be sappy for a moment?

I love this blog. No, not mine. This one.

There are so many encouraging words to wives and mothers like me. I appreciate Sarah Mae’s godly perspective in every entry.

There are posts like these that completely blow me away.

When You Want to Defend Yourself – So perfectly describes my life right now. I just want explain every unfair or misunderstood situation to anyone who will listen instead of finding refuge in my God.

For the Lemon Pound Cake Nights – Unfortunately I get wrapped up in my own selfish thoughts of what I could be doing INSTEAD of wiping dirty bottoms, cleaning up the kitchen for the third time today, trying to teach a four year old how to blow her nose instead of sucking it all back in (really. I do need some suggestions for this one. Tried the blowing out a candle with her nose method – didn’t work). Don’t these kids know how smart I am (disregard the not-being-able-to-teach-my-kid-to-blow-her-nose comment for a moment and assume I am mildy intelligent)? I could be doing way more important things than this! And that’s where I am so wrong. I have dreamed of these days my whole life, and I need to be renewing my mind each day so that I can lovingly care for this family that God has blessed me with.

Messiness and Morality – I struggle with this one because I believe that my messiness is a result of my laziness, thus making it a moral issue. Plus, my husband values a neat home, and in my attempts at being a godly wife, I should be striving for this…

Anyway, I must retire for the evening now, and so I will end this Like a Warm Cup of Coffee lovefest. Thank you for your time.



5 thoughts on “Can I just be sappy for a moment?

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I feel flattened in love this morning! Thank you! Oh, and by the way, I have a nearly SIX YEAR OLD who won’t blow her nose on her own. I am so with you on the suggestion thing.


    • Suzanne says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I am a little starstruck right now to be honest! My sister-in-law, Bethany, introduced me to your blog, and I have loved reading it ever since… I really appreciate your testimony!

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