First Week of Kindergarten

I love this shot of Tommy looking into the sun!

I survived the first week. And so did Tommy. It was really quite exhausting, but we made it somehow. Tommy did have a minor meltdown on Friday morning, but that was only sparked by my discipline for his poor treatment of his sister. Maybe I was a little harsh. Anyway, by the time he got on the bus, he was fine. I think he really enjoys his independence and spending time with friends (and making new ones). I, on the other hand, need to deal with my anxiety of oversleeping, running out of time to get the kids ready in the morning and up to the bus stop for Tommy to get on his bus on time, dressing Tom inappropriately for the weather that day, dressing Tommy in something that will cause others to make fun of him (my husband added that one to the list for me because I sometimes put him in polo shirts – is there something wrong with that? He just looks so handsome in them!), and the list could go on… I am happy to have more of an established routine now during the week. I think I thrive under some kind of structure, but I can’t force myself into that routine on my own. As long a Max cooperates by sleeping until 7:00 AM, I can get up around 6:30 AM and take a shower, read my Bible, and mentally be in a better state to deal with the day! I know many adults do this on their own, but apparently I have issues (i.e. laziness, sleep deprivation, etc.)…

So, I am glad that week two is a four-day-week. After our last minute Labor Day excursion with family, I am beat (and so are the kids)! I’m off to prepare for the week ahead!


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