Autumn Adventures – Charleston Falls

My sister and I have been trying to do some of the hiking trails in the area. And by hiking trails, I mean trails that are double stroller accessible. No, I am not a hardcore hiker (with baby and toddlers in tow), but we are doing our best to get out and about and enjoy some nature!

So, we ventured out to Charleston Falls the other day with my three younger kids and my sister’s two kids. It was a perfect fall day, and we even packed lunches to enjoy in the great outdoors!

Here are some pictures…

The kids loved this animal (it was NOT alive, but it was stuffed and mounted and being used by guides for some kids on a school field trip). Not even sure what it was (this trip was not educational for our kids, per se).

My sweet little niece eating her lunch:

The babies:

And finally, the piece de resistance was making snow angels in the gravel by the parking lot.

I kid you not. Here is the parking lot:

It was a great excursion. And just to balance out our outdoorsy-experience, we capped it off with a leisurely trip to Target!


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