I am so excited to read this new book by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. I hope to read it and post my review as soon as possible. Note: I am not a professional book reviewer and therefore, my review may not be as thorough or fancy as most.

Anyway, what mom out there doesn’t need some hope or some room to breathe every once in awhile? I freak out on a regular basis, so hope and breathing sound awesome to me!

You all know I love Sarah Mae also and have read her blog for a few years. If you don’t know how much I love her, check out this post from the archives. Make sure to check the comments since SARAH MAE COMMENTED ON MY BLOG! It’s kind of like getting a famous person’s autograph, right?

Check out Sally and Sarah Mae’s blogs so you can enter to win some of the amazing prizes they’re offering with this book launch. The one I’d love to win is the spa/mentoring weekend in Colorado with Sally and Sarah Mae. Go here for details. It would be a dream come true!
Stronger Together -


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