I just read this blog post. Specifically, I was moved by the short story at the bottom of the post entitled, The Missing Year, written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I loved the end of the story where she talks about people of their small town asking how long they’d been married and subtracting a year in their heads. The family, however, had already moved on. That year had already been forgiven and forgotten.

Really it makes me cry just thinking about this fictional little family (although it is based on the true story). How many similar situations have we witnessed in our own lives? Probably not enough, because we give up on each other so easily and try to avoid those who have wronged us or made our lives difficult.

I also love it that the little family seemed to move on, even while those watching the drama take place could not. It’s so sad to me that we, as a culture, embrace that nosiness (is that really a word?) and putting our two cents in wherever we feel it is needed. If the husband could receive his wayward wife back, that is all that matters. If the children could accept their mother’s return to their lives, shouldn’t everyone else do the same? We don’t need to know the details.


I have had it out with God on more occasions than I’d like to admit regarding the circumstances of my own life. I felt like He didn’t see that I had lived a pretty good Christian life (hello, self-righteousness anyone?) having accepted Christ at a young age, and I certainly didn’t deserve to deal with situations where my husband (or someone else) has wronged me. Years later, I realize that my marriage is so much stronger, not because we didn’t deal with heartache and pain, but because we committed to forgiveness. With each day that passes, the choice to love each other becomes easier. Those close to us continue to love us as well, not keeping track of which one of us has sinned more, but loving my husband and me equally.

I’m feeling thankful for forgiveness and reconciliation today. When you see a marriage or any relationship restored, it’s one of those things that you know is of God. There is no other earthly explanation for it.


3 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Amber Gibson says:

    I am going to send you a private message on facebook. I hope you read it. Its okay, its good… 🙂 -Amber Gibson

  2. Amber Gibson says:

    Never mind the message on facebook. I couldn’t find you on there. Maybe because of one of your earlier blogs…
    Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you! I have to admit… I have been “creeping” as they call it on your blog. I love to read peoples blogs!!! Well, your blogs, especially the last few, have been challenging me. I hope that you can continue to challenge me and pray that I am challenged more! Thank you!

    • Suzanne says:

      Sorry, Amber. I just deactivated my facebook the other day. I need to focus more on real life (i.e. my husband and kids). I get a little obsessed with social media sometimes! I’m glad you’ve been creeping. I am a creeper as well on many people’s blogs. I really do appreciate the comments though. I’ve been trying to be honest about what I’ve been learning lately – not that I have mastered the art of having the right attitude at all times. I have definitely had my share of pity parties, though I realize that others have endured much more than I have! Anyway, if you want to email me, my address is Love you and I will pray for you also!

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