Matthew 5

First of all, Matthew 5:1-12 – all I’ve got is wow! I am so feeling this right now. I especially love verse 3.

You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.

This is where I am right now. Actually I’ve probably been here for awhile, but haven’t really viewed it as a blessing. It is a blessing though. How can it not be a blessing when God gives me the privilege of sharing my struggles to encourage someone else walking through a similar situation? I have to stop letting the world infiltrate my head telling me what a successful, independent woman looks like. The world’s definition of successful and the Bible’s definition are very different. If God can use me when I feel like I have lost control and at my weakest, then I am BLESSED! And God gets the glory because the circumstances were never what I would’ve picked, but God used them to refine me because He loves me.

matt 5

I love the end of the chapter (verses 38-48) that talk about loving your enemies. One of the things I remember my dad sharing with me a long time ago is that it helps sometimes to give financially to someone you are struggling to love. When you give someone else your hard-earned money (can be done anonymously) it does work to slowly change your attitude toward him/her, and I believe that’s what Matthew 5 is about. It doesn’t make sense to give to someone who annoys you or even hates you. Do it anyway, and don’t be surprised when the person seems to be exactly the same as always, but your heart changes instead.

We all have this responsibility to live our own lives according to God’s Word. I hope that the second half of my life will be more about God and less about me.


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