I am a grouch sometimes (on the day before my 35th birthday)…

I’m embarrassed to admit the childish way I’ve behaved today. My 35th birthday is tomorrow, and my sweet husband gave me my birthday present early (he likes to give me gifts early, and I am not always strong enough to insist that he wait till the actual big day)! So, I opened a gift card to a salon last night, and in my excitement made big plans for using it today. I mean, I have been having trouble relaxing lately so I could really use a facial right about now. I called this morning to see if by chance they could squeeze me in, only to find out the salon was closed due to a local festival. You cannot even imagine my level of anger and disappointment. I had made these amazingly perfect plans in my head for a day of pampering yours truly, and in an instant my whole attitude changed to despair (just because these plans couldn’t happen right this minute). After moping and trying to find a way to salvage the day, I realized how impatient I’ve become. To think that I can’t wait another few days to use my gift card without losing my mind is kind of ridiculous!

Here are just a few reasons why I should be thankful instead of grumpy:

-We got a second opinion on Nate’s issue with his leg, and this specialist agreed with the first specialist that the bone lesion is benign, so I should be rejoicing!

-My two oldest kids are done with school for the summer, and we are all leaving for vacation in a week!

-We have a beautiful place to live and food and clothes (too many for me to keep put away, in fact)!

-We are surrounded by family and friends who love us!

But even if none of these things were true, I still have a relationship with God who loves me and works all things for good! I was painfully aware of my bad behavior after reading this post by Gary Morland. I may never understand the purpose of some of the circumstances in my life, and as petty as I’ve been about my circumstances today, I need to come to terms with this. Whether it be a disappointment big or small, my belief in God’s sovereignty needs to be predominant.

g morland


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