Things I learned in June

1. These brownies changed my life. I have never been a big brownie fan, but the rich, chocolatey goodness of these were a huge hit!

2. I love summer. The kids are a little crazy at times with school being out, but nothing beats a good road trip, lazy mornings, hikes at local parks, the freedom to plan your day however you wish and $.49 ice cream cones at McDonald’s!

3. I may have OCD. I have spent entire days on the internet looking up commercial real estate listings in search of a permanent location for our church. Also, I have spent entire days looking for a beach house for future vacations. Is this normal?

4. Sleepovers are exhausting. We have only had kids over twice so far this summer, but it wears me out. Who knew my kids who normally go to bed at 8:00 pm, could stay up well past midnight? Crazy!

5. Horses are my favorite animal. In fact, the horse is the only animal I have ever had any affection for. A trip to Carriage Hill Farm yesterday affirmed in my mind that we need to buy a house with more land so that we can have horses. The kids agree with me, of course…

6. I can’t stop watching Flying Wild Alaska on Netflix. I feel like my life has purpose when I am in the middle of a television series on Netflix. It takes the “what are we going to do after we put the kids to bed?” guesswork out of each evening. I love that. Any suggestions for what we should watch next?

7. My husband is the master chef of popcorn. I thought my popcorn making skills were as good if not a little better than his, but this month I learned that I was wrong. His popcorn is superior. He gets the award! And I love that he has to sling a kitchen towel over his shoulder during the process.

I’m linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky.


4 thoughts on “Things I learned in June

  1. Sommer says:

    Oh man. I wish I hadn’t looked at that Brownie recipe. I have everything in my pantry….hmmm. If I make them now, they will be perfect for breakfast…. Oh my.

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