One year ago today, I flipped my incourage calendar to read the quote below.

The church is beautiful. I get mad at her sometimes, but she is me. We meet together, and we feel close to home – smell the home-cooking, are citizens together, built up together. Nothing in common except death, burial, and resurrection.

We are all here grasping. We ask: How high? How wide? Long, High, Deep? This love surpasses knowledge, but we try so hard to know. We try to imagine together, though He can do immeasurably more than even that.

Amber Haines

Nothing could’ve prepared me for what the next few months would hold, but I am so thankful to be standing on the other side a year later.

I appreciate the friendships that were forged through unlikely circumstances. I am committed to maintaining a spirit of gratitude. Even though what transpired is not what I would’ve chosen, I never expected or imagined the preciousness of the body of believers who have endured this process with us.

Below is a slideshow of our church on the go.

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