working together



I read this post by BooMama awhile back, and I’ve been pondering it ever since. For me to get all riled up about something posted on the internet is pretty commonplace. If I read something I feel the whole world should agree with, I also get all hyped about that (and would love all of my friends to feel the exact same way). Having read this passage in Philippians many times before, I never really thought about the importance of the word, “any.”

Why do I need everyone I love to agree on every single little thing I am passionate about?

I don’t.

How much encouragement, comfort and fellowship have I experienced in my lifetime? I’m pretty sure it falls into the “too much to quantify” category (which is way past the requirement in the verses above). As a result of that, I should be agreeing wholeheartedly, loving, and working together in unity with my fellow believers. Who cares about all of this secondary stuff we want to squabble over, let’s agree on the gospel!

Since my first taste of encouragement, comfort, and fellowship occurred long ago (fulfilling the “any” parts of these verses), I have no excuse to be ignoring this passage!

And since I know you want to see these lovely pictures of my kids, here you go.









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