I couldn’t resist…



Autumn Adventures – Carriage Hill Farm

Like many of the activities I will be writing about, Carriage Hill Farm is a park located in the Dayton area. I have taken the kids to Carriage Hill many times, and it has become one of our favorite places to visit!

The farm takes us back to life in the 1880s. My kids love to play in the elaborate play farmhouse and school room located in the museum. The penny candy store is always a big hit, and fortunately for me, only requires a small amount of spare change.

Here are some pictures from our last visit.

Lesson learned. Do not follow the rooster too closely. You will get scratched and pecked! Poor Tommy had some minor cuts and bruises after his run in with this cocky rooster!

The kids could play for hours in the play farmhouse.

Max is pumping some water and whisking something up!

Tommy is taking a break after a long day on the farm.